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Aprameya Swamy Temple-Mallur Channapatna


Aprameya Swamy Temple

On my way back from Coorg to Bangalore, Our travel guide suggested to stop over at Sri Aprameya Swamy temple. 


Just a short deviation from the highway, stood this amazingly beautiful temple with an entrance covered with pink flowers. It is one of those temples that is popular among the locals but not so famous outside the area. As I have been visiting various temples in India and learning about the history and architecture, I decided to spend some time exploring the beauty.

One of such temple is the Aprameya Swami Temple or Mallur Krishna Temple. Located in Mallur which is 60 kms away from Bangalore and around 3 kms from Channapatna, this village is situated on the banks of river Kanva. This temple is an ideal example of exemplary carvings, sculptures and architecturally excellence. This place is also believed to be a Divya Kshetram meaning a holy place. Many tourists are attracted to this place especially as it’s conveniently situated on the Mysore-Bangalore Highway.

Meaning of Apremeya:

The Deity of Sri Aprameya Swamy is made from Saligrama Shila. ‘Prameya’ means measurable. ‘Apremaya’ means one who is immeasurable. Since the Supreme Lord Narayana cannot be measured by our material senses and the senses of those like Brahma and Shiva, He is known as Aprameya.


The temple is said to have its origin in very ancient times, i.e. somewhere around 3000 years ago. One of the very interesting things about this temple is a written document that is preserved till date which specifies that about lighting lamps to Lord Aprameya in the 980 A.Ds. This proves that this temple existed since that long. The expansion and reconstruction was done by Chola King Rajendra Simha.

Structure of Sri Aprameya Swamy temple

The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Sri Aprameya who is a form of Lord Krishna and the idol is made of pure Saligram stone. The posture in which the idol stands is known as the Abhayhastham Mudra, i.e. the two upper arms are holding a chakra(disc) and Shankha (shell) and the two lower arms holding the gadha and Padma(lotus). 


One can have darshan of utsavar in the Sukhanasi leading to garbha griha.  Priest showed utsavar.One of the most amazing things about Mallur Krishna Temple is that it does not stand on any solid foundation but rather on sand. Beautifully built in Dravidian architectural style has exceptionally sculpted Vishnu Dashavatars on the walls. The main door of the temple is a magnificent and almost 30 feet tall.

There is a thirty feet tall Deepa Stambha which is made from a single stone. This deepa stambha is almost as tall as the mahadwara and situated right in front of it. Ratha mantapa and the four pillared Purandara Dasa mantapa are in front of the temple.


Goddess Mahalakshmi is called as Aravindavalli in Aprameya Swamy Temple because she appeared in a lotus flower in the Vishnu tirtha which is situated at the northwest corner of the temple. The goddess is seated in a lotus in the Padmasana pose in Chaturbhuja form. She holds the lotus flowers in the upper two hands, while the other two hands are in the Varada and Abhaya Mudra giving darshan and blessing the devotees. In the same garbha griha, there are deities of Andal and Vedanta Desikar.


Individual temples for Mahalakshmi as Aravindavalli Thayar, Navaneetha Krishna, Vaikuntha Narayana Swamy are within the prakara of the temple. Prakara was reconstructed during the Vijayanagara period.

Lord Sri Ramachandra Prabhu visited Aprameya Swamy Temple

Sri Aprameya Swamy temple is a very ancient temple and popularly known as ‘Dakshina Ayodhya’. Sri Ramachandra Prabhu stayed here for a while and performed various pooja to please Aprameya Swamy including the yajna. Due to which Lord Aprameya is also known as Sri Ramapremaya – the favorite of Lord Rama. Still one can see the remnants of the rites performed by Lord Rama.

Ambegal Krishna/ Navneetha Krishna

In north-west corner of the temple, there is a beautiful and cute Navaneeta Krishna or Ambegalu Krishna. He is holding butter in His right hand and crawling with the support of left hand. In Kannada language Ambegalu means crawling. The Deity was installed by Vyasaraja (aka Vyasatirtha), who was a prominent saint of Dvaita Vedanta When Purandara Dasa visited this temple, he was mesmerized by the beauty of Lord Sri Krishna that the Supreme Lord who is the liberator of the entire creation, is in the form of small boy playing in the lap of Mother Yashoda. Thus Purandaradasa in appreciation of the beauty of this idol; he authored the world famous Kriti (musical composition or song) "Jagadodharana Adisidale Yashode" was composed in Carnatic music right in front of Navaneeta Krishna.


 It is believed that this is one of the rare temples where Krishna is in his baby form. His face defies the beauty of a full moon. His eyes are sparkling and incredible attractive. His curly hair is very thick and glamous. Many ornaments such as necklaces, waist belt and jewels adorn His charming body. Out of parental affection, the pujaris in temple make Him wear tiger’s nails to avoid an evil eye on the Lord.

According to locals, any childless couple who prays to baby Krishna will soon be blessed with baby. And after the child is born, the couple visits the temple again and thank the lord by hanging a silver or wooden cradle in the sanctum.

My painting of Navaneetha Krishana: 

I am great devotee of Lord Krishna. WhenI thought of Painting Bala Krishna I took this Image from Google


In feb 2020  I sketched krishna and Painted.But that time I never knew I will Visit this temple. When I saw Krishna I had goosebumps and my eye filled with tears. His eyes mesmerized me.I feel  Blessed.


Krishna symbolizes truth, devotion, love and joy. While doing artwork it imparts peace, spirituality and serenity upon its immediate surroundings. Hope you all will like this painting for their flawlessness, exquisite finish and their attractive looks and colorful pattern

Sri Aprameya Swamy Temple is open throughout the year every day from Morning 06:00 AM to 1:30 PM and Evening from 5:00 Pm to 8:30 PM

By Road: Sri Apremaya Swamy Temple is 63 kms from Bengaluru and 80 kms from Mysuru. Road transport can be easily availed. Regular bus services are available from Bengaluru, Mysuru and taxis are also available from Bengaluru & Mysuru.

By Rail: Bengaluru railway station is the nearest railway station. It is well-connected by important towns of India. Another nearest railway station is Channapatna railway station.


Sri NimishambhaTemple

Sri NimishambhaTemple

After visiting Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple in SriRanga Patna, We visited Nimishambal Temple.

Nimishamba Temple (also spelled as Nimishamba) is one of the famous temples in Karnataka. This temple is located on the levee of the Cauvery River. As you move around 2km towards Sangam from Srirangapatna, you will find the Nimishambha Temple. During the period 1578 to 1617, Raja Wodeyar of Mysore installed Sri Nimishamba Temple and constructed this Temple Background of formation of Sri Nimishamba Temple and specialty of Shreechakra.


The main deity of the temple is Goddess Parvathi. There is a belief that Goddess Parvathi clears off all the troubles of her devotees within a minute here and that is why the goddess is called Nimishamba (Nimisha means one minute). This temple Situated about 19 Kms distance from Mysore City and 128 km Distance from Bangalore City.

The Temple Architecture

The temple has a small sanctum with seven storied grand entrance tower known as the Rajagopuram.This Temple was constructed as per the Agamoktha system, idols were installed on the basis of Shivapanchayathan. Here Sri Nimishambhadevi, with Sreechakra Sri Moukthikeshwara Swamy and Sri Lakshmi Narayana Swamy god`s idols of Surya Deva, Ganapathi, and Hunuman. Once you enter the temple, on the right side it is goddess Nimishambha sannathi. It is beautiful and decorated with garlands and jewellers.

In front of Idol of Shree Nimishambha Amma Bhooprastara, Krishnashila Sreechakra existing, In this Sreechakra very specialisted Beejakshara, Moolamanthra written and which is a rare sree chakra in the whole world. This Sri Nimishambhadevi become famous in fulfilling the prayers of the devotees immediately.


Actually Shri Nimishamba temple is at a higher elevation and is more towards the banks of River Cauvery. The place was less crowded, very neatly maintained and easily accessible. The water was flowing steadily and was crystal clear. Sangam is the confluence of three holy rivers, River Cauvery, River Lokapavani and River Hemavati. Actually Shri Nimishamba temple is at a higher elevation and is more towards the banks of River Cauvery.. The river is flowing at a lower level and steps cut on stone slabs have been placed to reach the river easily’

Offering a saree and blouse along with other items such as flower, fruits, etc. (available with the sellers outside the temple) hastens delayed marriages.Very scenic from outside, with river flowing by. May not be apparent with the milling crowd. 


Bonus is availability of fresh vegetables in the shops around the temple. At a very reasonable price.

Nimishamba Temple on the banks of Cauvery has both devout and scenic attraction. Very pleasant visit and a divine experience a must visit temple near the Sangama of the rivers of the kaveri. 

The temple is all the time crowded.. You have special entry tickets also costing Rs.20/- Queue system is very good. Parking is available.


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அலையாழி அறிதுயிலு மாயனது தங்கையே! ஆதிகட வூரின் வாழ்வே!
அமுதீசர் ஒருபாகம் அகலாத சுகபாணி! அருள்வாமி! அபிராமியே
- அபிராமி பட்டர்
“Learning that goes not awry, a life span that is not shortened, and friendship that knows no guile,
Prosperity that never diminishes, youth that does not whither, and a body that sees no disease,
A mind that is never vexed, a wife whose love wavers not, and children who never know disobedience,
Fame that never decreases, a word that I go back on not, and charity that has no hurdles,
Wealth that is not thieved, a government that is never Adhaarmic, and a life that knows no despair,
At your esteemed feet, you gave me love and support,
and made me one amongst the great people who serve you,
The sister of he who lies in sleep on the milk ocean, the one who lives in the town of Kadavoor,
Oh thee, who separates not from one side of the body of Amutheeswarar,
Oh Goddess with the hands that bestows boons, bless us with these, Oh Abhiraami”
- Abhiraami Bhattar

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