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Last week my family had a small trip to my native place Tirunelveli dist  after a long time. We visited kuladeivam kovil, then sankaran kovil, tirchendur, Tenkasi, ayikudibalasubramania kovil. In short it was a small pilgrimage. Last Monday we visited Sankran  kovil. Sankran  kovil is home to the famous Sankara Narayanar temple. The temple is also known as Sankaranayinarkovil and Sankaranarayanakovil.

This temple is a representation of fusion of two faiths Saivism and Vaishnavism. This temple is one of the big temples that can be found in the district of Tirunelveli and this is also one of the important shrines of Lord Siva in south India. The main deities in the temple are of Lord Shiva (southern portion inside the temple) and Goddess Parvathi in the name of Gomathi Amman (northern portion) with separate sanctums. There is another deity in between these two that is of Sankara Narayanar. The legend has it that Lord Siva appeared, on the request of His consort Parvathi, revealing Lord Vishnu in Him on His right side half to prove that Hari (Lord Vishnu) and Hara/Haran (Lord Siva) are one and same. To commemorate this and to emphasize the oneness of Hari and Haran ideology the deity of Sankara Narayanar (the deity depicts Siva on the rightside and Vishnu on the left side) was installed. The temple therefore is also known as Sankaranarayakovil.
Main Deity: Sankaralingeswarar, Sankara Narayanar.
Goddesses: Gomathi Amman.
Theertham: Nagasunai.
Holy tree: Punnai.
Sankaran koil is home to the famous Sankara Narayanar temple. It is situated at Thirunelveli District and 56km away from Thirunelveli City.Amman went on penance on the earth to see “Lord Shiva” & “Lord Vishnu” together hence known as Sankara Narayanar.The right portion of the idol has sandal and indicates Lord Siva, with cobra around his neck & moon above his head.The left side of the idol indicates Lord Vishnu having “Sanghu” in his hand.It is very famous for “Adi Thabasu” festival.
It is known from the stone inscriptions that the construction of this temple was commenced at 1022 A.D. by Pandya king Ukkiraman. The temple tower raises upto 125 feet with 9 floors. The sacred pot on the top of the tower measures 7 feet and 4 inches. There are various others deities of lower strata installed in the corridors of the temple. One can also find beautiful paintings and stone carvings adorning the temple walls and ceiling.
Once, a deva by the name Manikkireevan took birth as a Paraiyan after being cursed by Goddess Parvathi. He was known as Kavarparaiyan. He demolished a snake pit which was inside the forest garden that he was looking after and found a snake and a Sivalingam inside the pit. Panicked by this sight he rushed to inform King Ukkirama Pandya who was visiting the nearby forest during his usual visit to Madurai for worshipping Lord Shiva and Meenakshi. On the same day, the King’s elephant collapsed on the floor after piercing the floor with its tusk and it was at this time when the King was filled with bewilderment Kavarparaiyan brought the news of the snake and Sivalingam found in the snake pit. Following this the King heard the voice of Lord Shiva ordering him to construct a temple at the spot.
Lord Siva appeared, on the request of His consort Parvathi, revealing Lord Vishnu in Him on His right side half to prove that Hari (Lord Vishnu) and Hara/Haran (Lord Siva) are one and same. To commemorate this and to emphasize the oneness of Hari and Haran ideology the deity of Sankara Narayanar (the deity depicts Siva on the rightside and Vishnu on the left side) was installed. The temple therefore is also known as Sankaranarayakovil.
Gomathi amman is one of the manifestation of Adhi shakthi. The temple is popularly known as sankaranayanar kovil and she is the consort of vanmikanathar and seen along with sankaranarayanar(the unification of shiva and vishnu).
The goddesses is a yogini who was performing her penence on the tip of the needle to please lord shiva and merge with him. Two snake kings namely "sangan" and "padman". Sangan was worshipping lord shiva and padman was worshipping lord narayana. One day they had a quarrel on who is great whether lord shiva, the destroyer or Narayana,the protector. They were trying to prove their own power and finally went to the yogini and pleaded her to give them a proper judgment.
The yogini grew out of her grace pleaded the almighty to show his universality form so that not only the snake kings but also fro every human being.By the intense penance lord shiva appears before the yogini in the form of half shiva and half vishnu showing the world that they are equal and it is with love and sacrifice they could reach them. Hence sangan and padman worshipped the lord and prayed to the yogini for showing them a way to attain the god and they stayed with her. the yogini was none ther than goddesses gomathi. Gomathi means repositary of wealth.Since the snakes stayed with the goddesses,this place is free from all venomous creatures and praying to this goddesses can eliminate the fear of venom.
One of the 18 siddhas, the great pambatti siddhar worshipped this goddesses as valai kumari and he regarded this goddesses to be the great serpant power which can make miracles in taking aspirant in yogic transformation. Pambatti  siddhar samadhi is seen behind the temple.
The deity Gomathi ambal is very powerful. in my experience she made lot of wonders in my life. If we tell about our problems to her ,she will clear it, and make us very happy. She gave me a lot of things,which i need at that time. It’s very nice place to visit it. There are so many wonder's were took place in that temple. It’s a very powerful temple.
Gomathy Amman a petite statue with pleasing facial features, not more than 3-feet tall in appearance, Gomathy Amman, our family deity is indeed the pride of this place. During the month of Aadi Gomathy Amman does a penance “Aadi Thavasu” and at the end of the 10 days the lord presents hiumelf in the “Sankaranarayana” form, half Shiva and half Vishnu, and this alankara is unique to witness.
There is a Srichakram it is believed that the hole (Srichakram )before Gomathi Amman Sanadhi cures people affected with black magic –When ever I visit I used sit times in front of gomathi amamn. Even the temple tank has got lot of significance. For many people Gomathi Amman is the Kula Deivam (protecting deity of the family). It is believed that worshipping Gomathi Amman in this temple can cure many ailments and childlessness.
There is a snake pit inside the temple and it is believed that applying the sand/mud from the snake pit on one’s body can cure various diseases. Those who come visit this temple also offer miniatures of snake, scorpion and other reptiles to get rid of curses. These miniatures are sold outside and inside the temple premises. The putthu sand has healing properties it is said, so we brought home some “putthu mannu” as it is called to give to friends and relatives. Putru marundu has curing properties.We always keep it in our house. Maavilakku is an important offering in this temple .This time I cant able to offer Maavilakku.Gomathi Amman is our family deity. I always wanted to visit the temple, since it gives peace of mind to me. Whenever I visit temple, really i feel free and got peaceful mind. 
Do not forget to visit the Elephant place. Thanga pavadai allangaram is very good on amman if u get chance don't miss. Really its a good temple every  one should try to visit the temple at least once in their lifetime.
 Great Poet Subramania Bharathiyar wrote about gomathi Amman. But some reasons it has not been complete gothrough this link-

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கலையாத கல்வியும் குறையாத வயதுமோர் கபடு வாராத நட்பும்
கன்றாத வளமையுங் குன்றாத ­ளமையும் கழுபிணியிலாத உடலும்
சலியாத மனமும் அன்பு அகலாத மனைவியும் தவறாத சந்தானமும்
தாழாத கீர்த்தியும் மாறாத வார்த்தையும் தடைகள் வாராத கொடையும்
தொலையாத நிதியமும் கோணாத கோலும் ஒரு துன்பமில்லாத வாழ்வும்
துய்ய நின் பாதத்தில் அன்பும் உதவி பெரிய தொண்டரொடு கூட்டு கண்டாய்
அலையாழி அறிதுயிலு மாயனது தங்கையே! ஆதிகட வூரின் வாழ்வே!
அமுதீசர் ஒருபாகம் அகலாத சுகபாணி! அருள்வாமி! அபிராமியே
- அபிராமி பட்டர்
“Learning that goes not awry, a life span that is not shortened, and friendship that knows no guile,
Prosperity that never diminishes, youth that does not whither, and a body that sees no disease,
A mind that is never vexed, a wife whose love wavers not, and children who never know disobedience,
Fame that never decreases, a word that I go back on not, and charity that has no hurdles,
Wealth that is not thieved, a government that is never Adhaarmic, and a life that knows no despair,
At your esteemed feet, you gave me love and support,
and made me one amongst the great people who serve you,
The sister of he who lies in sleep on the milk ocean, the one who lives in the town of Kadavoor,
Oh thee, who separates not from one side of the body of Amutheeswarar,
Oh Goddess with the hands that bestows boons, bless us with these, Oh Abhiraami”
- Abhiraami Bhattar

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